Shadows are pixelated/boxy?

Hi So i am trying to cast some shadows on to a plane but the result is that the shadws look boxy/ pixelated is there a setting i am missing?
here’s a pen (long load time):

That looks like shadow acne. You might be looking for shadow.bias or shadow.normalBias.

So i’ve played around with those and here is the result:

here is what i’m aiming for:

as you can see the shadow thats behind any idea’s?

Something like this?

I’d just use a directional light which is cheap, (probably along with a hemishpere light), people don’t need much to be satisfied. I have adjusted the light position, the shadow’s resolution, and the ambient to soften the shadow. But if you want a fallout, you might want to experiment with one spotlight (less is more).


That is absolutely perfect !

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