Shadow only light for ibl


I am currently searching for a way to combine hdri image based lightning with shadows projected from the direction of the hdri main “light sources”.

For now, lights are the only source of Shadows(?!??) and if the intensity is set to 0 the shadow is not visible (because the outside is not lighten).

ShadowMaterial is working (with lightintensity 0) for specific planes, because the shadow is set by its opacity… but this way i dont get any shadows on/between the other scene objects.

I cant use pre-baked shadows.

So, are there any plans to:

  • Let all materials act like ShadowMaterial with a isShadowMaterial=true + shadowOpacity=0.x setting ?
  • Or Change the lights to support such a workflow? Maybe light.shadowOnly = true → darken unlight area?

Or is there somthing wich I am missing?