Shadow material shouldn't show shadow when the light intensity is 0


I’m seeing shadows for 0 intensity on shadow material. It casts shadows for all the lights in the scene. Is there also a way to decrease shadow intensity when the light intensity decreases?

There is no property that allows to modulate the intensity/darkness of a shadow. This topic was discussed at github here:

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Any idea why that issue was closed? Seems like there was no resolution on whether or not to add the feature.

Gone through it, but is there a way to make Phong material transparent and work like shadow material except not taking shadows at 0 intensity or when there is no light?

The issue here is shadow material projects shadows if there is a point light in the scene no matter where it is and shadow material projects shadow even at 0 intensity.

Everything works better when Phong material is used but transparency is an issue. Any help?

AFAICS, we both voted the merge a related PR. But as you can see from the discussion, it was refused because other collaborators were not satisfied with the visual result.

I still think this PR is better than nothing and things could be polished later, too. Especially since most users won’t notice the mentioned lighting artifacts anyway.