[Feature] Affect ShadowMaterial with ambient light

Currently, threejs doesn’t provide a way to adjust the intensity of a shadow. this mentions that shadows can only be lighter by using ambient light.

However, I can only use ShadowMaterial since the mesh should be transparent but receives shadow. unfortunately, shadowmaterial doesn’t seem to be affected by ambient light.

what I am trying to do: currently, google map doesn’t receive shadows from objects inserted in to the scene using threejs. I worked around this by putting a transparent mesh on the ground that only receives shadow. so it would appear that the map tiles on the ground are receiving shadows.

ShadowMaterial seems to be a good option for this. but the downside is that, when the ambient light is intense and the directional light is weak, the shadow is still intense.

I understand your reason for not implementing shadow intensity. but can you at least make shadowMaterials be affected by ambient light?

it would be nice to know if there is a workaround in the meantime though.