Shadow limit on the animated character


I load an animated character using FBXloader and in the initial position the character renders well with a soft shadow mapped on top of a THREE.Shadowmaterial.

There are some animations where the character runs around the floor and after a certain time, the shadow either gets partially clipped or not rendered at all.

Looking at the scene I feel there is some kind of a limit ( A static rectangular section where the shadow is shown ) and when the character exceeds such a boundary the shadow is either partially clipped or not rendered.

Please let me know if there is a way to increase such an invisible rectangular section so that the shadow renders on any part of the floor.

Also, could this be a limitation of ShadowMaterial? Any help would be invaluable.


Misconfigured shadow frustums were already discussed multiple times at the forum e.g.

Just search for “shadow frustum” for more related topics.

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Thanks, Michael. :slight_smile: Sending you a :beer:

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