Shader from BlenderKit is appearing white in three js - any ideas?

These screenshots show the shader that I am using from the BlenderKit add-on. It is fully procedural (no imported image textures or anything). But it is appearing white in my three.js scene. Any ideas what to change or why the problem is occurring? Many thanks!

Shader nodes (esp. the procedural ones) are a Blender-only system. They cannot be exported outside in most cases (only a few basic nodes are supported for FBX / GLTF exports.)

The only viable way to have that material outside of Blender is to bake the result into static textures.

See glTF 2.0 — Blender Manual for more information on what an export-compatible material would look like. There are tutorials on YouTube for baking Blender materials to textures, or addons like SimpleBake can make that easier.

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