I need magic and energy effect

I need magic and energy effect
But, not supported that material made from blender
Procedural materials were not supported.
How to that make effect material for three.js
ss.gltf (4.2 KB)
ss.blend (797.6 KB)

GLTF only supports Metal/Rough PBR, so if you want to export a material from Blender you have to set a Principled BSDF node in Blender shader editor. the Principled BSDF node data will be exported in the GLTF file, and THREE.GLTFLoader will be able to create a MeshStandardMaterial from this.

Now if you really want more complex materials in threejs, with noise-based texture for instance like in your Blender file, you have to code it in GLSL. You can either use THREE.ShaderMaterial, which is the most intuitive option but has some limitations, or you can modify any material using onBeforeCompile, like in this example.

Thanks for the detailed information.

Iā€™m trying it right now, using shaderMaterial.

But it is very difficult.
If possible, please provide an example of a skeleton that maps a texture to a mesh as-is.

this example is somewhat similar to the shader in your Blender file

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Thank you for finding something beautiful.

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