Set position of Ocean.oceanMesh doesn't work?

in example
I want this water plane be lower in the 3d world.I’ve tried to set Ocean.oceanMesh.position, but it doesn’t work…anyone could help me?thx!

Hello verano,

The Ocean2 positioning example is binded to the camera position:

this.ms_Ocean.materialOcean.uniforms.u_projectionMatrix.value = this.ms_Camera.projectionMatrix;
					this.ms_Ocean.materialOcean.uniforms.u_viewMatrix.value = this.ms_Camera.matrixWorldInverse;
					this.ms_Ocean.materialOcean.uniforms.u_cameraPosition.value = this.ms_Camera.position;

You will have to update the matrices directly or move the camera.y to offset it.

I have tried to update the cam y position and it doesn’t work.

Maybe someone else could give you the solution?

that’s so weired but thank you all the same.

I meet the same issue. We can modify the position attributes of the geometry. It works.