Self portrait - toy using three and theex.vertexanimation

Something I made for fun last year or the year before.
I made the model using photogammetry.
I used threex.vertexanimation to mess around with the vertexes.


@U-1 : How did you create the pointcloud & how did you get it modeled?

Wow, that’s pretty creepy haha!

Did you use a phone app for the capture?

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I used photoScan into blender but it looks like there are some other good photogrammetry programs available now judging from this:

In this case I had a pretty good DSLR camera and I got my friend to take the photos

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Looks funny, the fact it starts with a blank page and suddenly starts is indeed a little creepy. Also reminds of these guys:


@U-1 : What camera did you use to make this Pointcloud?

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I think it was a Canon DSLR. If I was to try it again I’d try something like this:

But the camera and the software don’t matter too much, with phones you can easily get a good enough picture

Looks like some Stephen King nightmare :alien:
Nice job! Thanks for the link too :3

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