3D point cloud for my head

I used three.js to add a 3D point cloud model of my head to my personal website. Looks cool for me. The examples section is really useful! Thanks, three.js! jingkangzhang.com


Hey, that’s really cool :grin:
How did you capture the model?

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Oh, it was captured via iPhoneX’s TrueDepth camera! I found an app called Capture in App store pretty useful. One drawback of that app is that the .obj file it exports contains only vertices coordinates and the format is a bit broke, so took me a while to load it into THREE. The THREE.PCDLoader and PLYLoader source code in examples were of great help to me!


Pretty neat! I didn’t know the data was available on iPhone, it looks like a Kinect capture.

Fun trick: If you type scene.children[1].material.blending = THREE.AdditiveBlending into the dev console, you could get a cool effect with a bit more depth where the points overlap.



Your advice is well appreciated and adopted! Credited you in the comments.
// Below idea is thanks to @marquizzo
material.blending = THREE.AdditiveBlending;
Just commenting on this a bit: when we are using point material on a point cloud with only vertices, there’s no faces or light. My head (or a ball), however, has higher vertex density near the sides than the middle, so it looks like there’s light directed from both sides to the middle. Your suggestion of additive blending enhances this effect, by virtually making the “light” from the sides more intense, thus making the picture more 3D and vivid, so that might be why it looks better.