Seeking Three.js Expert for Proof of Concept Development

I’m embarking on a project requiring Three.js expertise for a quick proof of concept within a larger application. My experience with Three.js is limited, so I’m interested in hiring someone to lay the groundwork, after which I can continue the development. Project Overview:

  • Framework: Vue/Nuxt app integration.
  • Functionality: Users should drag and drop 3D objects (GLTF format) onto desks with specific constraints:
  • Placement flexibility across desks, with some items spanning two desks.
  • Items can be stacked, repositioned (without overlapping), and should optionally snap to a grid.
  • Support for items partially extending over desks and under-desk placement.
  • Adjustable camera views (top, front, free) with zoom capabilities.
  • Save/load layout feature.

Requirements: Experience in Three.js is crucial; Vue.js knowledge is a bonus but not required. Ability to integrate complex interactions and 3D object manipulation. Interest in contributing to an innovative, component-based project. I believe these requirements align with existing solutions, but I need help assembling them efficiently. This is a paid opportunity, aiming for a swift, yet robust prototype. If you’ve tackled similar challenges or are excited about this endeavor, please reach out. Let’s discuss how we can collaborate on this exciting project.

I’m reaching out regarding your need for Three.js expertise in your Vue/Nuxt application project. I specialize in this area and would love to help you kickstart your proof of concept.

Here’s what I can offer:

  1. Seamless Integration: I’ll smoothly integrate Three.js into your Vue/Nuxt app, ensuring they work together seamlessly.
  2. Drag-and-Drop Functionality: Users will be able to drag and drop 3D objects onto desks with specific constraints, like flexible placement and stacking without overlap.
  3. Camera Views and Zoom: I’ll implement adjustable camera views (top, front, free) with zoom capabilities for a user-friendly experience.
  4. Save/Load Feature: Users can save and load layouts, adding convenience to the application.

I’m excited about the opportunity to help you with this project and can ensure a quick turnaround while maintaining quality. Let’s discuss further and get started on this exciting journey together.

Best regards,

I’ve built similar tools to what you describe. On one project we used blueprint3d as a basis. Not necessarily looking for collaboration but wanted to show you this to maybe help give you inspiration:


Hi @manthrax, thank you for this. It’s very helpful. Would you be happy to share your email with me? I would love to setup a call with you and discuss this further.


Hi @mital8488 , sure. please send me a dm with your details.

Hi Ryo, can you please send me your email address? I tried from your website but it bounced.

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