Seeking skilled WebGL/Three.js developers with Needle experience if possible

During the expansion of our range of projects at EPM Agency, we are looking for experienced WebGL/three.js developers to assist us with development of various projects.

Please reply back here with a link to your portfolio, CV/resume and anything you want to say about your experience in the industry.

Experience with Needle Tools would be nice as we use their engine a lot for optimized WebGL experiences

Nice to meet you.
As I am experienced three.js developer, I am very interested in this opportunity.
I have worked on various three.js project like tile configuration, 3d interactive websites and product configurations.
Here is my portfolio

I am eager to dive into a more detailed discussion about the project and collaborate closely with you.
Your response would be greatly appreciated, and I sincerely thank you for considering my application.


Hello @Rob_EPM
How are you? I’m interested in this opportunity.
I wanted to know where this role is based? and is this remote available?

I am a passionate 3D developer, and interested
I am so glad if I show you my CV, portfolio and experiences via meeting.
Thank you.

Hi Rob, yes we aware of needle tools. We didn’t need to use it commercial projects yet, but we had a go tring it’s feature as part of our market research for new productivity tools for 3D web.

We are an agile team of ThreeJS / 3D Web / Web AR developers assisting marketing agencies and brands to utilise the latest creative technologies.

You can find more about us and the projects we did at:
Three Aces Studios -

Anyway would be great to get know more about you and your projects, EPM looks epic, lot’s of overlapping areas with our capabilities.

Best of luck,
Andor Merks,
founder, Three Aces Studios

Do you have much experience with Needle Engine?

I do not have much experience with Needle engine. But checked that service carefully and easy to learn.
I have a lot of experiences in integrating another service with three.js code.

Really interested in this job posting.
I just sent DM. I would like to discuss with you in more detail

Hi, Thanks for your job posting
I think your job is perfect match for me
Because I have developed similar project with yours
I can show you my previous work at any time
Besides, I am ready for any technical test for you
Looking forward to hearing from you soon
Regards & Thanks