Security Camera Coverage Calculator with 3D graphics

This is our three.js based free calculator for security camera coverage. The calculator displays how a person or a number plate will look at the specified distance and calculate pixels per meter or pixels per foot.

  • Displays DORI zones (where Detection/Observation/Recognition or Identification of a person is possible).
  • Calculates lens focal length and viewing angles.
  • Has a database of popular camera models (uses JVSG API for that).
  • Has a function to load a floor plan

Very impressive. I like the clear visuals. Controls are a bit hard to figure out though.


Thank you!
We updated our lens calculator.
And added a car 3D model. The user can choose a license plate to see if the license plate can be recognized from the specified distance with this camera. Also we localized the calculator to 10 different languages.
Three.js is a really great library!