Scene is lagging in higher screen resolution desktop

Hello I’m facing huge lag while scrolling this is happening only in high display resolution desktop. I’m using 1600x900 display resolution and it is working fine without any lag issue. Any idea or solution why the scene is lagging in higher display resolution. Here is video of the website

Please post a link to the website itself. You cannot debug from a video.

Here is link to the website

Thanks. I called your website from a 5K late 2014 iMac and do not experience any stuttering or pausing.

I observe low CPU usage of ≈ 8% when idle, going up to ≈20% when scrolling, but high GPU usage of 50% minimum, even when apparently idle (no user interaction). GPU usage goes up to ≈ 80% when scrolling and fast changing direction.

I also briefly tried your website in my iPhone 13 Pro Max @2778 x 1284 Pixel, also fairly high-res, and couldn’t observe any “lags” either.

As to an “idea why the scene is lagging in higher display resolution”: You particular high-res device may be fillrate-limited. Try a different device for comparison.

My suggestion: change your animation loop to on-demand-rendering, instead of permanently rendering the same identical scene even though nothing changed in between. You might also want to consider implementing LODs on the landscape. This seems overly complex near the horizon (or far clipping plane).

On a side note: the plane (Global Hawk?) is banking (rolling) the wrong way around, outwards of the curve center rather than inwards.

There is huge frame drop in 4k resolution

But in 1600x900 resolution there is no frame drops