SAOPass Fps drop & other questions (based on three.js examples)

On this fiddle, when used full screen, the fps drops to about 35-45% of the original fps.

To get a good result i have to use extermely low saoMinResolution=0.00001.

To prevent background from going black i need high saoScale=50.

In the fiddle if you change the bg color its still becomes black on most of the color range.

values used in (the jsfiddle also has these sliders):


Passes used

Am i doing something wrong here ? And are there any tips to use AO with hdri/color background and & real world scale gltf models ?

My desired look achieved with the above values but background is starting to become black & fps drops to half

Usually SAO is quite expensive. SAO on fullscreen (esp. high resolution screens) is quite very expensive. You can optimise it a bit by disabling or lowering the blur radius.

You can try compensate lowering saoMinResolution by increasing saoScale.

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Cool … compared to the three js example i have to use 1000 times lower value so, i was worried something is wrong .
is there any documentations or tips page for ssao and sao ?

In core three - I don’t think so, except for the basic example.

If you’d like a bit more advanced and documented postprocessing - try vanruesc/postprocessing. It’s a bit more optimized, 100% compatible with three, and has quite detailed docs on many postprocessing including SSAO: SSAOEffect | postprocessing.