Sand Nefertiti (three-mesh-bvh)

Hi community!

For years I’ve been dreaming about an instrument, that would allow me to fill a mesh with points, so I could create cool things.

My own attempt, based on default raycasting with counting of intersections, was very slow.

But everything changed since @gkjohnson released his awesome plugin: Three-mesh-bvh: A plugin for fast geometry raycasting and spatial queries!

Now, I want to show you my new attempt on the field of filling meshes with points. The core of the method is simple: using that plugin, cast a ray from a point, get first intersection, check the dot-product of intersected face’s normal and raycaster’s ray, and if it’s greater than zero, we’re inside of the mesh, otherwise, we’re outside.


First time using of CodeSandbox, as Codepen doesn’t allow too long loops (it limits approximately to 10000 iterations) and I wanted to have hundreds of thousands of points :innocent:

Source code: great-http-xykxn - CodeSandbox

PS Three-mesh-bvh is one of the best things for me, that ever happened to three.js, since .onBeforeCompile, selective bloom and MeshSurfaceSampler :metal:


Wow, this is so cool :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

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Wow that even ran smoothly on mobile :hushed:

Btw csb can configure loop protection, when you add the codesandbox.json in the config files tab you’ll see the option.

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@looeee Yay! Thanks! :beers:

Yeah, that’s why the demo is on CSB, as it allows to manage long loops :slight_smile:

oh no, i read that wrong! because i ran into the problem before so often until i figured out it’s configurable. sorry. :face_with_thermometer:

Found it very friendly of CSB, when I bumped in that limitation of loops, that they told me I have to create that json to manage the problem :slight_smile:
And Codepen just said “We know better, what you need, so live with that limit” :sweat_smile:

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it sounds like we need a “MeshVolumeSampler” volumetric alternative to “MeshSurfaceSampler” haha…

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