Rotating georeferenced OBJ whilst respecting origin

I’ve been using mayavi to generate OBJ files from ascii grids and applying an image as a texture.
The files are coming out fine now apart from having the incorrect rotation.
If we are viewing from the topdown, our mesh is currently like this ^ when we want it to be >
What I want is to rotate it clockwise by 90 degrees. I’ve tried setting rotation, however, due to the mesh being at a set location geographically it rotates around the point.
I’m looking for a way to rotate without affecting the position as it currently does.

Place the mesh inside an empty Group and center it there according to its size (so that the rotation origin is in the center of the mesh.)

Then place the groups, instead of meshes, according to the geodata. That way the groups follow the location imposed by data, but you can rotate the mesh inside the group freely around any origin you need.


Brilliant, this has worked perfectly. Thanks!