Rotate full animation direction

How do you do, fellow kids

Lets say I have a throwing ball/particle animation with displacement in xy-axis, going up and down as a parabolic shot, exported from blender as an Action.

Now in three.js, I want to rotate all animation direction in y-axis, for dinamically change its direction. By rotating the object I’m getting a change just in the local object rotation, but then it moves in the same direction, instead of changing full animation trajectory.

Is it possible to change where the animation is going towards by code, without using an empty parent object?

I’m trying to avoid creating an empty parent object for each particle. In case I run thousands of random rotated instances of this animated ball/particle (i.e: particles in a sprinkler), I would need to create an empty object for each particle, which I think its not optimal.

Any help would be appreciated!