Robeast (selective bloom)

Hi community!

This is evolving of my thoughts on working with selective bloom.
My previous steps on that field:

  1. Instancing + selective bloom
  2. Totentanz (Selective Bloom)

This time I enhanced the approach from Totentanz and made it possible to control glowing within a single material. I mean, that if you have, for example, a plane mesh with a single THREE.PlaneBufferGeometry() and a single material (I used THREE.ShaderMaterial(), but you can do the same thing with enhancing of built-in materials), then you can control glowing of certain parts of the plane in the material.

Here it is:
Just a short instruction:

  1. Wait till it loads to 100%
  2. See soundcloud widget
  3. Click its “Play” button
  4. Enjoy :slight_smile:

PS :exclamation: First time of working with GSAP library, so try not to rotate scene whilst intro before the scene starts glowing :crossed_fingers::angel:
PPS Tested with Firefox and Chrome on Windows, and with Chrome on some Android phones (thanks to my colleagues :beers:)


haha, looks great, have you looked into MMD? You might find it up your alley

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Do you mean that MMD? :smile: three.js examples

yas, that’s exactly it :smiley:
Even the music is similar!

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So many great pens on your profile! Awesome work!


WOW very nice work!

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@duhaime @Thomas_Patrick Thanks, guys :beers:

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that is so freaking amazing. EXACTLY the type of thing I’ve been thinking.
very nice job.

@GlifTek Thanks :beers: