Retargetting animations

I’m having trouble with adding .FBX animations to the model which is arrow keys controlled.
It’s orientation disturbs.
But same when same .fbx animations are added to .glb model in Blender and re-exported as a .glb it works fine.
Any issues with retargetting here? if yes, then can someone please give a code/snippet on that?

Thank you!

FBX model:
Test_1_Pre Mixamo_Post Mixamo.fbx (917.9 KB)

.glb model
63b3e8063858282637c3b3a5 (2).glb (3.0 MB)

I don’t think you’ll be able to add FBX animations to glTF files, if that’s what you’re asking? Or at least, it will be messy and there is no perfect way to ensure things work. Use a single format to keep everything in a compatible representation.

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Yeah so the thing is that models are coming in dynamically.
And i need to embed the FBX animations on to it.

The animations are playing correctly, but the character is rotated weirdly towards the floor

Any leads here?

If everything else works check for up-axis options.

@Fyrestar Where can I find that option?

Idk i don’t use blender, but it’s a option and your issue seems to be the up axis, FBX often has Z up while glTF is more biased on Y up by default.

FBX Export in Blender

If you convert to glTF check import options.