(RESOLVED) RectAreaLight demo seems to have stopped rendering correctly

[Edit: demo works as expected, I got confused :sweat_smile:]


For a few months I’ve noticed that the RectAreaLight demo seems to be rendering inaccurately. Lately it looks like a simple crossfade between diffuse and shiny terms instead of the more natural, accurate effect it had in the past.

Current (weird/wrong) appearance:

It looks a lot like what happens when you don’t init the RectAreaLightUniformsLib, but I can see that the demo is correctly including and running the code (I think).

I’m going to try and confirm if this is a regression, and if so, from which version. Just wondering if anyone else has noticed this and if we can come up with a workaround and/or fix.

Edit: RectAreaLight is working as expected in v160, in a new scene. :tada:

So it seems like there might just a bug in the demo itself. I’ll try figure out if it’s always been like this… :+1:

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The demo has looked the same for the last 30+ releases. The image you’ve posted is what a glossy, dielectric material should look like, I believe. Your second image looks like it’s a metallic surface.

Ah, thanks. You’re absolutely right. I mis-remembered how the demo looked. It doesn’t use tonemapping, so that’s probably part of my confusion.

FYI, the second image I posted is two layers of checkerboard patterns modulating metalness and roughness.