RectLight not working in safari

this is the only code I have for rectlights, and the import statement, when I launch the site on chrome it works, but not on safari. I dont know how to open the inspector in safari so I cant really check the console logs

    var rectLight = new THREE.RectAreaLight(0xffffff, 10, 10, 1);
    rectLight.position.set(0, 7, 3.5);
    rectLight.lookAt(0, 0, 0);
    rectLight.color = new THREE.Color(0xffffff);
    var rectLight2 = new THREE.RectAreaLight(0xffffff, 10, 10, 1);
    rectLight2.position.set(0, 2, 10);
    rectLight2.lookAt(0, 0, 0);
    rectLight2.color = new THREE.Color(0xffffff);


Can you please verify first whether the official area light example works with Safari or not?

ohh, it doesn’t… :frowning:

What version of iOS are you using?

14.2, today updated to 14.3

Seems to be a device issue. There was lately a PR that added support for iOS 14, see:

So you’re saying that if I used another Iphone with safari it would show up, or ? sorry if its a stupid question

Yes. At least the developer of the PR could successfully use RectAreaLight on iOS 14 (and iOS 13).

Sorry, I have no iOS device and can’t verify the issue.

Well, we tried on 2 iphones, both have the newest iOS , or relatively so. Is there a way to make a page with rectlights so it works android/iSO reliably?

Area lights relying on (half) floating point textures which might be broken on your device/browser. If those are not working correctly, you have to use other lights.

well, its working when I load it in chrome on the same phone, so it’s something to do with safari :frowning: