RectAreaLight coming soon?

Does anyone know if RectAreaLight is going to be available soon? I am itching to get it into a project, but for all I know this light is still a long ways off from being “production ready”… Please advise. what’s this then? O_o

Yeah, I’ve seen that… I believe it has been pulled since that version… Right?.. I can’t get it working in r86…

Or do all of the demos run from the latest builds? I have not been totally clear on that…

I just tried running that on my android phone and got a a message ‘OES_texture_linear_float not supported’ and the example is just black. So I would say that you shouldn’t use this in production.

BTW examples always use the latest version. You can check the console to see this.

So it sounds like it should be working fine on my workstation in r86, but does not appear to work on Androids… Okay. Thanks looeee.

Well, it doesn’t work on my ~3 year old Moto G anyway!

I presume this is the same extension: