Resize object without distortion

I have a rectangular frame which i need to scale but there is a constraint that scaling should happen either on horizontal parts or vertical parts of frame depending in x or y axis only. Meaning if i want to scale only vertical bars height then width of horizontal bars should remain fixed or vice-versa. Please suggest an appropriate approach.window1window2

I probably had a similar situation for a door configurator, if this frame isn’t procedurally generated the closest solution is to use morphTargets, in some cases bones or both. I’d try morphTargets, since you can exactly define the grow-ratio.

Hi Fyrestar

Thanks for your reply, morphTargets is exactly what I need, it works like a charm.

But now I have a new challenge , as earlier I was able to cut the wall from BSP with the help of scaling of doors or windows but after morphTargets BSP fail to work and it only works when i change scale factors, but how would I update scaling with morphTargetInfluences or is there any new way I can BSP with morphTarget?window

If your window has a max width and height, you can just do this with the cube you use to cut. Create it in the original size of the window and use the max. height and width of the window to scale the cube between those along with the morphTargetInfluences.

morphTargets are vertex displacements on the GPU only.

Hey guys,
I am stuck with a similar problem right now. Can you elaborate more on how to use morph targets on a mesh so I can prevent the outside frame distortion? Thanks!