Is exist way to tile texturing morphed mesh without stretching?

Hi, @Mugen87, I trust in your knowledge :pray:

I trust in your knowledge

I’m honored but unfortunately I can’t help here^^.

You would also have to morph texture coordinates which is normally not something you do when performing morph target animation. I suggest you try to author the door’s geometry differently so the discontinuity goes away automatically.

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thanks, i’ll try

You could implement triplanar mapping which in this particular case could be simplified to one axis, patching the material to use the morphed coordinates for the UVs. Other than that you would have to recompute the UVs on CPU.

In order to seamlessly match with the border you would have to accept a minimal stretching by rounding to the smallest amount of repetitions and stretcht the over or underflow across the repetitions - or use minimum step sizes so stretching could not occur.


Thank you for the answer, but it’s a bit hard to me to understand :exploding_head:
But i found something, maybe that will bring me closer to the goal - Updating UV coordinates of BufferGeometry