Replacing default Camera with orthographic camera

I have a reactJS / react-three-fiber app which is based on the react-fox demo. [ ].

No camera is defined for this app, so I assume it is installed by default with orbit controls ?

But the default camera is a perspective camera and I need an orthographic camera.

Since I have no visibility of the default camera I cannot obtain any information from it.

How do I replace the existing camera with an orthographic camera?

<Canvas orthographic camera={{ zoom: 50, position: [0, 0, 100], ... }} ...>

Threejs does not have default cameras, that’s just r3f trying to skip some boilerplate. You can either use the perspective or orthographic camera that way. You could still create regular cameras and use them in gl.render(scene, camera) as you always would.

Thanks for the suggestion. Better, I think, to just replace the default react-three-fiber camera.

After a bit of fiddling, the following code does the trick !

      <Canvas orthographic camera={{ zoom: 50, position: [0, 0, 100] }} >
    <ambientLight /> 
    <pointLight position={[10, 10, 10]} />
    <directionalLight intensity={4.16} />
    <Suspense fallback={<Loading />}>
      <BigW />