How to use OrthographicCamera in react?

There is a basic starter.

It should be a fullscreen red color plane.

However, it seems the same as using perspectiveCamera.

Am I missing something? or. Is it a bug?

function Product() {
    return (
            <Suspense fallback={null}>
                        position={[0, 0, 1]>
                        <Model />

function Model() {
    return (
            <mesh position={[0, 0, 0]}>
                <planeGeometry args={[1, 1]} />
                <meshBasicMaterial color={'red'} />

<OrthographicCamera makeDefault ... />

cameras in drei have a prop called “makeDefault” which sets them as the default. as in,

const camera = useThree(state =>

anywhere within canvas will react to it and use that camera, including the part that renders out.

if you don’t use that prop it’s just a plain old orthographic camera with less boilerplate. just like in three, you can add a THREE.OrthographicCamera to the scene and nothing at all will change or happen, the camera itself is just an object. something needs to pick it up and render with it.