Render of low poly model tris showing very hard/marked in three.js compared to sketchfab/unit3d/Iray

I’m finding the rendering result in three.js shows very hard marked polygons of the low poly object, I’m comparing this to sketchfab , unity3d and Iray render results.

Here’s a snapshot of the edge flow shown in maya :

Here’s what the model looks in maya’s view panel (not subdivided):

Here’s a snapshot of the three.js render (marked in red box more noticeable)

here sketchfabs without shadows/post-processing filters

I’m reusing envmap hdr example and hdr setting.

I tried the following: I softened edges in maya. I also tried the lines below separately and combined but there was not result.

//vaseMesh.geometry.mergeVertices(); and //vaseMesh.geometry.computeVertexNormals();

normalScale appears to be best at material.normalScale.x = -1;

I also tried but had same result without hdr or tonemapping settings as per displacement three.js example

Can someone please share some thoughts on what I can try differently?

Thank you for your help, Sergio.

I can’t add more than 5 links to this post: Unity3d and Iray render snapshots, model FBX, albedo and normal maps and three.js code on

I’ve imported your FBX with the diffuse and normal map in the three.js editor. It looks like so with MeshStandardMaterial:


Looking at your code, I wonder why you are setting flatShading to true. This seems not right to me if you want a similar visual result like in the other engines/tools.


Hi @Mugen87 , removing the setting did it, thank you so much for your help!!
Cheers, Sergio