ReflectivtyMap for MeshPhysicalMaterial

I would love to affect reflectivity on a PBR material. It would allow us to block unwanted lights appearing on the inside and in concave areas of a mesh. Reflectivity is already a thing but it only takes a float as an argument, not a texture. I would love to have the possibility to use a grayscale texture to be able to tweak reflectivity with an AO Map. Is there any tricks I can use to achieve this or do we have to wait until it is added to three.js ?
Thanks a lot

Based on this - reflectivity does seem like a bit of an exotic PBR property (technically speaking it does break the PBR rules regarding energy conservation, if I understand correctly?)

Nevertheless, could be a good idea to open an issue / discussion on github :thinking: ?

You’re right, but it can be used to reduce highlight where light shouldn’t be able to reach. Take the inside of a shoe for example. Without the specular map, it looks like it’s lit up by the lamp I placed under the model, since those polygons have no way to ‘know’ they shouldn’t be lit up.
A custom map would be useful to tone down the specular on those areas.

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