Reflection on cylinder shell

Hi all, this is probably a fairly basic question as I’m new to threejs. I am reflecting light off of the outside of a cylinder. My issue is that the cylinder body is quite choppy so when each face reflects off of the light, it has almost a strobing affect. I’m sure I’m missing something basic- thanks so much for any comments!

Screenshot 2020-11-19 at 01.35.43

Are you sure the example you linked is correct? This one seems to look fine and there’s no strobing effect. :thinking:

I’m having trouble getting a cubemap onto jsfiddle, but with one, it’s much more exaggerated. I updated the file and you can start to see that affect:

thanks so much for the comments!

Not a trouble at all :slight_smile:


awesome, thank you! Good to know there are examples stored statically. This is exactly my issue- I’m trying to get a smooth continuous looking surface, but what turns out is a flash of each face when it reflects. With the meshLambertMaterial (original design), it’s even more exaggerated

any advice on how I might go about fixing this? TIA!

hi all- bumping this because I haven’t found a solution yet :frowning:

any ideas on what I should be looking at to fix it?



Can see you’re generating the extruded cylinder in three, in maya you can soften normal edges so that the face edges smoothly connect, but not sure this applies or if soften face normals is a function if you’re using three to generate the cylinder

Do you know if there’s a similar method that can be used in Three? I’m not familiar with Maya but I haven’t been able to get anything to work out using faceNormals or vertexNormals. Any ideas?