Reflection on cylinder shell

Hi all, this is probably a fairly basic question as I’m new to threejs. I am reflecting light off of the outside of a cylinder. My issue is that the cylinder body is quite choppy so when each face reflects off of the light, it has almost a strobing affect. I’m sure I’m missing something basic- thanks so much for any comments!

Screenshot 2020-11-19 at 01.35.43

Are you sure the example you linked is correct? This one seems to look fine and there’s no strobing effect. :thinking:

I’m having trouble getting a cubemap onto jsfiddle, but with one, it’s much more exaggerated. I updated the file and you can start to see that affect:

thanks so much for the comments!

Not a trouble at all :slight_smile:


awesome, thank you! Good to know there are examples stored statically. This is exactly my issue- I’m trying to get a smooth continuous looking surface, but what turns out is a flash of each face when it reflects. With the meshLambertMaterial (original design), it’s even more exaggerated

any advice on how I might go about fixing this? TIA!