Realistic simulation of snake movement using CylinderGeometry and vertex level manipulation

I want to hire someone to create a realistic simulation of snake movement using Three.js CylinderGeometry. The simulated snake(s) will move with a natural sinusoidal motion, and I have a algorithm in mind that uses vertex animation.

Imagine something a bit like this awesome threejs example of a snake slithering through the desert by OutsideOfSociety

The simulated snake(s) must move independently, perhaps along meandering invisible paths pre-computed using splines. Initially the snake must move over a simple flat grid with plain texture. I want to be able to dynamically control the width, length and color of the snake(s). I want to be able to freely zoom and move the camera position. A simple uniform diameter cylinder geometry is adequate for the first prototype.

Later I will need more elaborate additions like adding the snakes head and tapered tail, and giving the snake the ability to move across the surface of variable 3D terrain. With help from the right person, my eventual aim is to create a threejs project that displays realistic snakes that roam over a complex 3D terrain, perhaps a bounded textured terrain like the cool Island world created with threejs by Guillaume Gouchon

I will consider an hourly rate or a fixed price contract.


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I can surely assist you for your requirement, kindly check PM


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If you are still looking out for some help, feel free to reach out to me as this is well within my area of expertise.
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