Real Estate Properties Showcasing Project

This is a threejs project for showcasing 360 photographs and 3d models of a real estate properties. Designed to provide solution for both real properties and owners and developers.

360 Photographs of an existing real estate properties in virtual experience.

360 Rendered Tours for development properties to showcase 3d visualization in virtual experiences.

To open a 3d model of a real estate property for an existing replica or for development property go to Demo → RealVerse → Edge Apartment (Sample 3d model of an apartment) as shown below.

Screenshot 2023-09-24 061954

Screenshot 2023-09-24 062002

Screenshot 2023-09-24 062008

Open Edge Apartment (sample real estate property)

Navigate in the apartment by clicking the destination and clicking again the destination icon.

Source Code

Why are you using GitHub to give a false impression of an open source project to reel people in, while using it as a relay to a page where you expect people to pay nearly 3000 dollars for - as you state - “jQuery” code?

I would kindly suggest you stop giving false pretenses on this forum by giving a GitHub link saying “Source Code” while it simply contains a link to a webshop. It makes you look bad imho, nobody wants that.

I would’ve flagged this, or told you privately, but this isn’t the first time you’re doing this. Do with this what you want.

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threre is no mentioned of open source anywhere

with regards to the cheap amount of nearly $3k, this is to preserve the value of coding and designs jobs (I should have priced it $3 million dollars to restore our dignities as coders and designer not being devalued), this is for self respect.

Great work!
To avoid these kinds of confusion that @Harold mentioned, you can just name the link to something like “Buy source code” or something like that


I will change the “Source code” to “Buy source code” to straighten up and avoid confusion.

360 Renderings for showcasing for development properties or designs

  1. Hatta Bedroom
  2. Khaldoun Villa
  3. Hotel Lobby
  4. Tower Lobby
  5. Office
  6. School Lobby
  7. Play Area
  8. Waiting Area
  9. Nursery
  10. Old Eco City
  11. Crater City
  12. Neo Eco City
  13. Golf Saudi Event

Insta 360 photographs for showcasing real estate properties

  1. Retail Congress
  2. Facade
  3. Elevator
  4. Gym
  5. Club House
  6. Studio Flat
  7. 1 Bedroom Flat
  8. 2 Bedroom Flat
  9. 3 Bedroom Flat

Ok, since you are posting in ‘showcase’ category I think you are expecting suggestions, so here I go:

  • You may want to revisit the pre/downloading mechanism, I had to literally reload the page several times before being able to interact with it. Progress bar just sits there without moving.
  • A ‘fullscreen’ button and functionality would take advantage of the entire screen space.
  • A compass UI would aid users to orientate in 360 space, as not everyone is fluent on remembering a virtual route. This could be toggled with a button.
  • Depending on your target audience, support for mobile devices would consider updating the camera orientation with the device gyroscope. This could be toggled with a button.
  • Depending on your target audience, a VR button would give support for experiencing with VR devices. This could be toggled with a button.
  • A hotspots menu would allow shortcuts and easy access to certain rooms/areas, without forcing the user to navigate using the long chain of actual 360 views. This could be arranged as a minimap or simply as a list of rooms with links.

All of the above is already available in free/floss tools like marzipano and others (that even offer dedicated editors for arranging 360 projects and placing hotspots for navigation, etc). So if you want to differenciate I’d strongly suggest you to focus in develpoing a ‘valuable functionality’ that others projects don’t have, something that will make it reasonable to pay for it. For instance, krpano developed a depthmaps-based blending of cubemaps for allowing smoother 3D-transitions (a la Matterport), maybe this can be improved also in your project.

Lastly, I have to second @Harold in that using github is not the right place to sell anything, specially if you provide such a link here, where we are all devs trying to help eachother. Please consider posting on dedicated marketplaces like codecanyon or similar ones.

P.S. theres is a bug in the clipping of the circular logo at the base, this could be due to camera.near plane not being close enough


Thanks so much for the comments and corrections, these helps a lot for this project development, when I have some free time I will look into it and do some debugging and revisions to update this project, this 360 image viewer or virtual tour (was developed during the pandemic time) and has not been updated since 2021, because I have been busy on virtual experience project and now on my day jobs. You can however save the source code from the live demo by using the chrome resources saver to fully download the html, js, css and other resources such as images and icons.