Looking for a co-founder for a Real Estate Blockchain Project

Hello everyone!

I’m looking for a cofounder, partner, company that has knowledge in building realistic 3D models of houses/Real estate/topography . Lot of Ideas that I have and would love to bounce some off of you.

I m interesting on your post
i would like to discuss more details
You can catch me via telegram and discord
telegram - @dsodineum
discord - ! DS#0631
Thank you


I have good experience in Web 3D & Blockchain and I can help you to build your Real Estate Blockchain APP.

This is my portfolio and you can check my past work.

If you take a look at my work and feel that I could work with you, please DM.

Best Regards,

I have 5 years of hands-on experience coding websites and applications efficiently using modern HTML, CSS, Three.js, Unity3D WebGL.
Building easy-to-use, user-friendly websites and applications is my true passion and I am sure it will be a great addition to your organization. In addition to my knowledge base, I actively seek new technologies and stay up-to-date on industry trends and developments. This has allowed me to go ahead and deliver exceptional work to all employers, including those who have worked on a project basis. I have attached a copy of some url detailing my experience. please check it.


Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to talking to you about this opportunity.

Hi there.
I am three.js expert, and have made many website using three.js and react three fiber.
If you connect me, I can show my working.
I have many experiences about loading 3D file, mapping, light effect, modeling etc.
I can provide good result quickly.
Let’s discuss more.
Good regards.

Do you have a discord or telegram ?

Usually “cofounder and partner” imply that you’re looking for someone to work for the promise of income sometime in the future. Is this a paid position?


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