Raycaster can only detect part of mesh that was transformed by bones

I created a cardboard mesh that it can be detected by raycaster normally if it was not transformed by its bones,but after it was transformed by its bones,only part of it can be detected by raycaster.
Live demo: 贤俊龙在线印刷平台
Click “3D预览” button to show the 3d model,after it was rendered,click skip to end button to fold the cardboard,after it was folded,only part of it can be detected by raycaster. Press f12 to open console to see the output for the raycaster.Try to rotate,zoom in and click different positions.

Raycasting with SkinnedMesh is basically supported however the bounding volume might be too small. This is still an open point, see:

Depending on the model, you have to manually configure mesh.geometry.boundingSphere with proper values.