Question on the model loading speed of r134

Recently I updated threejs version from r105 to r134 and I noticed there is some big difference in the performance when loading models of complex shapes.
For example, when I load the model of #webgl_animation_keyframes in my local machine in r134, it takes around 5 seconds, while it took around less than 3 seconds as of r105.
Is it expected behaviour due to some recent updates? Or how can I improve it.
Any idea is appreciated.

Just guessing, but it’s possible this particular example got slower in three.js#15249, which began using Web Workers to decompress Draco geometry. That takes the work off the main thread and parallelizes it, but depending on the number of meshes to decompress the total time could be longer because of the time required to send messages to/from the Web Worker. That’s generally still worthwhile if you don’t want to freeze the main thread.

But beyond that, hundreds of things have changed since r105… if you’ve got specific examples you care about that seem to perform worse than they did before, I’d recommend running a profiler on them to find out where the difference is. If there’s some specific function that seems to have become slower you can file a bug about that.

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Thank you for the detailed explanation!