Question about resolution/render sharpness of three.js apps

I am developing an online product configurator, but i noticed is blurry, PNG

but when i reduced the zoom of my browser the model became sharper, i wanted to know if this is as a result of my graphics card (maybe the mesh i was loading was more cpu intensive)or the browser in general. I tried looking up threejs examples to be sure and stumbled upon a cpu intensive . car configurator which came out perfect. Show my question is, what could cause my own product configurator to appear blurry

Do you have the following line in your product configurator?

renderer.setPixelRatio( window.devicePixelRatio );
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not @Mugen87 i dont have it

Then add this line to your code and see if the visual output gets better. On certain devices (like computers with retina displays), you can only render in full native resolution if you use WebGLRenderer.setPixelRatio().


thank you so much sir