【Question】About "Clipping"

Hi guys!
I code a grid line like this one
Then i got this dark green circle like this one
I wanna keep all the lines inside the circle.
what should i do?

they all in the same y plane

Modify grid’s material, the way it discards pixels, when position’s length is greater than the radius of the circle :thinking:

Quick example from the scratch: Edit fiddle - JSFiddle - Code Playground

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Huge thanks man!This is just what i want.

Hi Paul,I was wondering if you could recommend me maybe some tutorials ,videos or books about GLSL? I find some tutorials in Youtube myself but it seems its not enough for a little more complicated circumstance.

https://thebookofshaders.com/ is something of “must read” :slight_smile:

Thanks a ton !Ill definitely read that!