Quality 3D models

Where can I find quality 3D models if possible free :slight_smile: if not at decent prices.

O found a few on sketchfab.com but the licenses are wired and most models in gltf format have issues.

Thank you!

You can use almost anything from the unity asset store. Check the licenses, but most of them use the standard one which permits the usage of assets in other engines as well.

You’ll just need unity itself to download them.

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For real humans:

If your computer is powerful enough, you can use something like blender(assuming you know the basics) to create your own assets using free or relatively cheap plugins. That way you can have your own custom models without the cray worries that come with downloading things from the web. Search something like “Human generator” or “house Builder for blender”.

AFAIK there are lots of “human generators” but all come with similar, very strict licenses.
I’ve had downloaded a few until I found out about their licenses’ terms…