Put a shader on a sphere to make it look like a planet?

I made a little fictional custom solar system with spheres as planets rotating around a sun. I wanted to give the planets unique textures, but rather than make a gltf I thought it would be best to make some fractal type shaders to wrap around the planets.

I’m having a really hard time finding an example of say a simple fractal texture that can wrap around a sphere. I found some simple examples in the book of shaders but I can’t get it to wrap around the sphere.

Is there a dead simple example of shader wrapped around sphere somewhere?


While you wait for a dead simple example, here is a dead beautiful one:


Use position (of vec3), not uv (of vec2), with the respective noise algorithm.

Demo: https://codepen.io/prisoner849/full/KKLPvBK


your demo is so cool! I actually saw it. I’m so new to shaders though was trying to get it done without uniforms, I dont totally understand them (I’m using Threlte which is 3js for svelte, demo here https://codesandbox.io/p/devbox/threlte-obj-with-glsl-tex-forked-n9tlfr it takes the uniforms differently)
thank you though! will try to poke around

I think this is exactly what I’m looking for, thanks!!

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prisoner’s suggestion also works with textures. Here are two screenshots from my app junk folder. 4 years ago I was also new in three.js and was experimenting with textures on spheres.



Spherical coordinates are very practical for navigation but unfortunately have their disadvantages due to their curved nature.


question for you prisoner849 - I was trying to split out the frag and vert shader to their own file, I saw that you had this function here, what’s that doing? Sorry I’m a beginner :slight_smile:

    onBeforeCompile: (shader) => {
      shader.vertexShader = `
      	varying vec3 vPos;
        `#include <begin_vertex>`,
        `#include <begin_vertex>
        	vPos = position;

The answer is here: three.js docs
And something related: Could Someone help me out with implementing custom shaders? - #2 by Oxyn

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