ProgressEvent Error lengthComputable: false

I was trying to load multiple gltf objects into my project backed up with Node Express Server
But it threw

ProgressEvent {isTrusted: true, lengthComputable: false, loaded: 1875, total: 0, type: "load", …}


Am I doing it wrong
Or What is the error actually about and how to solve it

When I was running it locally only with live server seperately with three.js alone as js file it worked fine
Any suggestion would be of great help

total: 0

Are you finalising the download request in express? It seems like the browser cannot determine the size of the file fetched from the server (it can mean the headers, explicitly set response type, or response handlers don’t work correctly.)

Sorry but couldn’t get what that exactly means . What is finalising request , how its done . Its my first time combining three with backend .
Can I know about this in detail

Could you share the code for:

  • how you load the glTF on the front-end
  • how you handle the file request in express

It doesn’t have to be the entire script, just the parts responsible for these two things.

Also, what happens when you open the URL of the glTF object in the browser? Does it download properly from the express server?