Failure with the GLTF loader when running my THREE.js project on a Node.js server

I am getting errors when loading GLTF objects over a Node.js server. This works fine when I am using an XAMPP server, however when I attempt to use Node.js i get this error report:

If no one knows how to set up a node server to handle the XMLHttpRequests that have lead to the errors, then does anyone know a way to remove the server dependency from these loaders? The security aspect ensured by this method is not necessary to my project.

Here is the link to the code in question:

server.js is the node file, game.js is the three.js file, spacecity.html is the html page.

and this another version of the node server that a user on reddit recommended as a solution to this error which also failed:

GLTFLoader has a parse() method you can use which bypasses the load logic. I actually never, ever use the load() method (nodejs, react-native, etc) because the implementation is actually non-portable (has problems.)