GLTFLoader loadAsync ProgressEvent target null since r134

Hey there,

i have a problem since i updated to r134.
I am loading a gltf file with the GLTFLoader.

loader.loadAsync(path, (event) => {
// doing stuff with the event

Until r133.1 the contained an XMLHttpRequest.
Since r134 the is null everytime.

The only thing i have changed is updating to r134.
I also tested older versions (r132) where i am also getting an XMLHttpRequest.

Is there anything i can do about this?
Thanks in advance.

FileLoader which is internally used by GLTFLoader does now use the fetch API for requesting resources. That means you can’t work with XMLHttpRequest anymore. Related discussion:

Okay, good to know.
Is there any way to determine which file the ProgressEvent is related to now?

I was using the before.