Problem with OBJ export from Blender

I’m using ObjLoader to add a simple model from Blender. I’m afraid I do something wrong in the OBJ export process.

Here is the model, export settings and how it shows up distorted in my scene. In many tutorials a setting called “Include edges” is checked, which is not an option in the menu in my (new) Blender. I have obvs tried different export setting combinations. Any help is much appreciated!

Any reasons for using OBJ? Can you please try it with glTF instead?

Hey, thanks for your reply! I had another kind of problems with glTF where my noise vertex shader (not applied to to OBJ above) made the box “explode” instead of making it bubbly A melting room with vertex shader and GLTF or planes?

I’m coding this project together with a colleague who wanted us to try OBJ instead because of its simpler structure (neither of us are confident with 3D loading). I feel that we are missing something regarding normals, be it the OBJ or glTF box. We want to distort the 3D models with our own vertex and fragment shaders that already work with Three.js primitives. Any tips for moving forward are welcome.