Postprocessing only on a section

I saw the website: and i’m trying to do this effect

It looks like there i a postprocessing just inside this section. I’m suffering searching for a response so i decided to ask you.
Probably my google skills are not good enough because i see multiple website having this effect.

I started to have an idea but i don’t know if it could work.
Doing 2 scene and use postprocessing mask to mask a part of the scene

they’re using a threejs fork which they evolve, but this feature is now being upstreamed and the demo: three.js examples

at least i think that’s what this is. you could ofc get this in many other way, for instance gl skissor, though it would probably cost more since you double render.

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Nice! I hadn’t seen this got added.

The example link from @drcmda didn’t work for me but this one does: