Points in arc of Ellipsoid

Hi, I am trying to make X points from position A to B on the arc of an ellipsoid. I was able to do it with a SphereGeometry using THREE.Spherical but I have not been able to do it with an ellipsoid.

My ellipsoid is a sphere with scale in X, Y, Z but I don’t know how to apply scaling to the Vector3 of the points. An alternative can be to add the points to a THREE.Group and apply scaling but I don’t know how to position well.

Here I have a Demo of what I want to do



If your sphere is scaled in x, y, z, then you should be able to perform the same multiplication to each component of the Vector3:

const scaledVector = new THREE.Vector3(
   v1.x * xScale,
   v1.y * yScale,
   v1.z * zScale
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