How to make the object have an elliptical trajectory?


I managed to draw elipses with ElipseCurve.
But I don’t see how to move an object with an elliptical motion.

Can you help me?

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You can calculate position on an ellipse using sin and cos (pretty much the same way you’d calculate circular rotation of a vector, just multiplying sin * vertical distance and cos * horizontal distance, instead of 1):


To modify 3D tilt and rotations to match an EllipseCurve, it should be enough to copy the transformation matrix / quaternion from the curve to the object you’re moving.


Thank you very much !

Now it’s ok :ok_hand:

Maybe this topic will be useful: Updating EllipseCurve


Thank you, yes i read this topic last night. but for my project i want the ellipses already drawn when the page loads. And my concern was to reproduce the same trajectories for the planets. I succeeded with the positions = cos, sin, tan etc …

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