How to make the geometry move in a ellipse path with EllipseCurve or Path.absellipse()

I have a question wherein how do I make the geometry go in an ellipse path with an ellipse curve or Path()
Here is my codesandbox

Now what I wanting to do is that If I add a geometry and it supposed to be in those ellipse how can I do that? I check some documentation but I don’t get it how I will add a motion there in geometry.

Let say the code is like this

    const curve3 = new THREE.EllipseCurve(
      0, // ax, aY
      15, // xRadius, yRadius
      2 * Math.PI, // aStartAngle, aEndAngle
      false, // aClockwise
      0 // aRotation

    const points3 = curve3.getPoints(50);
    const geometry3 = new THREE.BufferGeometry().setFromPoints(points3);

    const material3 = new THREE.LineBasicMaterial({ color: 0xff0000 });

    // Create the final object to add to the scene
    const ellipse = new THREE.Line(geometry3, material3);


So this is the ellipse but how I will do add some geometry there and make it move along the path of ellipse? Thanks for any help.

Is this similar to what you’re looking for? Camera + EllipseCurve

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thanks that it.