What geometry should I use for drawing the elliptical curves path of a satellite orbit?

Currently I am trying to draw the path of a satellites orbit using [x,y,z] points but currently its not coming out properly and when there are multiple satellites then the curve becomes combined instead of being separate.I am using react three js so my current code is

function OrbitPath({ position, radius, color = "#f3f3f3", points }) {
  if (points) {
    let curve = new THREE.CatmullRomCurve3(points);
    return (
      //path, tubular_segments, radius, radial_segments, closed
      <Tube args={[curve, 256, radius, 8, false]} position={position}>
        <meshPhongMaterial attach="material" color={color} wireframe />
  return <></>;

for reference

spline if you want a mesh three.js examples

line if you dont want thickness three.js examples

As an addition: Updating EllipseCurve