Moving point along x axis with some distance

Hello Three js Team,

I need some urjent help. I want to move my 2d point along x and y axis with respect to east that is x axis positive in my app.

This is the rough diagram showing what i want to achieve

Here i want to move p1 in such a way by 30 deg so i can get p2

The formula i am using is

point.y = newPoint.y + ((distance) * Math.sin(THREE.MathUtils.degToRad(angle)))

My understading is here i am moving only the y part by some distance and angle in clock wise direction.

Rotation of x part is not needed. I think so

point.x = newPoint.x + distance

But i am not getting accurate result

Also i am creating sphere on new position and try to check that the angle is 30 deg after the rotation but the radian i am getting is not 30 deg after conversion

I am using this formula s1.angleTo(s2)

My main goal is to get the formula that help me to move my point with some angle along the east positive x i mean

Clockwise and anticlockwise


Please provide some help :slight_smile: