Po2 warning not visible anymore in console log

could you please confirm if console logs are still showing when there is an error in textures Po2… we found a few but console warning was not being fired.

Are you using webgl2?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but if i remember correctly, power-of-2 textures is a webgl1 thing.


thanks, @Harold - yes we are using webgl2… interesting… do we know if there is an impact on performance? ie, is it “preferred” to use po2 textures still?

any update here on : is there any benefit to use po2 textures in webgl2 even if the console warnings are gone?
does using po2 make it any better at gpu level? @Mugen87 ? :eyes:

interestingly enough, we still see warnings in the gltf viewer validity report: https://gltf-viewer.donmccurdy.com/

Using po2 textures will ensure your texture maps have the highest fidelity per pixel, webgl 2 with three js simply rounds to the nearest po2 AFAIK, webgl 1 will round to the nearest lower po2 but pretty sure video textures and shader fragments would still throw the warning such as pmrem textures… This is not relative to three but webgl in general

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